Network engineers have it especially hard, it would appear. Due to the changing circumstances that strive to meet the demand, IT engineers must have an up-to-date knowledge and understand industry needs. The often overlooked fact is that excellent communication skills are absolutely essential. IT engineers have to communicate with staff who don’t understand their field of work. Yet their work must run smoothly nevertheless. Securing the network and teaching an uninformed employee how to not send that <i> Game of Thrones </i> spoiler to all of their colleagues might be just the beginning. In large companies, teamwork is essential. Yet it is often the case that IT engineers must also be strong individuals capable of troubleshooting whatever issue comes their way – without any supervision. Prioritizing the workload may sometimes be the most challenging part of the job.

As for career advancements, IT engineers may improve their job prospects by becoming certified. Certification options are available through software companies, product and service vendors, and professional organizations (e.g. Cisco). Professional networking opportunities may arise from memberships in professional organizations, which often offer continuing education programs.

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